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New Zealand Lighting supplier of Quality Lighting installations - Architectural Exterior and Urban Area Lighting - Commercial Interior Lighting - Residential Interior and Exterior Lighting - Retail Lighting - Lighting Systems - Landscape Lighting - Industrial and Medical Lighting - and Feature Lighting.

Architectural Lighting Design NZ

Lighting Design is an integral element of any Architectural design and construction project - one that is informed by the Architectural design process. Consideration of Architectural Form and Design Intent, Luminaire types & Positioning, integration and aesthetic, Energy Efficiency, Colour Temperatures, Flexibility & Lighting Control, ongoing maintenance and energy costs, use of space by the people frequenting - all are aspects crucial to practical Architectural Lighting Design, architectural enhancement, and the architectural application of light.

Lighting Solutions are willing and able to assist with a wide range of product related enquiries,  lighting schedules / specifications and project support. We believe however that the benefit of employing a Professional Lighting Designer to produce a Lighting Design and specification to budget, and to follow the project through to completion on the clients behalf is very much in the client's interests.

This opens a discussion between Lighting Designer and client and/or project team to define a Lighting brief and budget, provide Lighting Concepts in plan and illustrated formats presenting an aesthetic viewpoint, propose and select luminaire types, provide energy efficiency calculations and life-cycle costs, provide Project 'Cost Engineering' to budget, etc...

Make sure your Project Team are on the same page. A competent Lighting Designer will help coordinate between other participants in your project that require comprehensive technical info and clear communication in order to work effectively together toward a common goal, such as - End Users - Project Managers - Developers - Architects and Designers - Landscape designers - Automation Specialists - Builders - Cabinet Makers - Pool Installers - Electrical Installers - Electrical Wholesalers - Lighting Solutions. 

Lighting design at it's best is an art form that extends the mediums of light and architecture, often with unforeseen atmospheric results. At the same time Lighting is very much a technology based discipline, where outcomes are determined by a range of technical parameters, physical componentry, and 'energy' input. The scale and types of use of Architectural Buildings mean the issues of Energy efficiency, and ongoing luminaire maintenance need to be balanced with aesthetic effect, to ensure that lighting 'continues' to perform the tasks to which it is designed. Minimum light levels and maximum lighting power density are moderated by New Zealand lighting standards, though lighting technologies available both internationally and locally vary widely in terms of performance and efficiency. 

The increasing cost of power - availability of increasingly 'affordable' energy efficient LED lighting coupled with specific LED driver requirements, mean a professional Lighting Design should be considered not as an expense, but as an opportunity to future proof energy costs and maintenance of the lighting system - whilst promoting a cohesive lighting design and an enlightened perception of Architecture..