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New Zealand Lighting supplier of Quality Lighting installations - Architectural Exterior and Urban Area Lighting - Commercial Interior Lighting - Residential Interior and Exterior Lighting - Retail Lighting - Lighting Systems - Landscape Lighting - Industrial and Medical Lighting - and Feature Lighting.

Retail & Hospitality Lighting Design NZ

Lighting Design is an integral element of any Retail & Hospitality Lighting installation, one that is often not given due consideration during the design build process, until too late. Installing a lighting system is a commitment for the life of that system, a commitment to 'both' the downstream benefits, and on going costs and maintenance of the total installation.

Consideration of the varied types of Retail and Hospitality spaces and activities, Luminaire Types & Positioning, Energy Efficiency, Colour Temperatures and Colour Rendering, Flexibility & Lighting Control, Glare Control, Product Display Lighting, reduction of Maintenance Costs and Energy Bills - all are aspects crucial to the practical Lighting Design of Lighting for Retail and Hospitality.

Lighting Solutions are willing and able to assist with a wide range of product related enquiries,  lighting schedules / specifications and project support. We believe however that the benefit of employing a Professional Lighting Designer to produce a Lighting Design and specification to budget, and to follow the project through to completion on the clients behalf is very much in the project's interests.

This opens a discussion between Lighting Designer and project design team to define a Lighting brief and budget, provide Lighting Concepts in plan and illustrated formats (where advantageous) presenting an aesthetic viewpoint, propose and select luminaire types, provide energy efficiency calculations and life-cycle costs, provide Project 'Cost Engineering' to budget, etc...

Make sure your Project Team are on the same page. A competent Lighting Designer will help you coordinate other participants in your project that require comprehensive technical info and clear communication in order to work effectively together toward a common goal, such as - End Users - Project Managers - Brand Managers - Architects and Interior Designers - Retail Consultants - Automation Specialists - Builders - Cabinet Makers - Electrical Installers - Electrical Wholesalers - Lighting Solutions. 

Retail & Hospitality Lighting design at it's best is an art form that extends the mediums of 'theatrical' display lighting and space, whilst catering to a range of task related and social activities . At the same time Lighting is very much a technology based discipline, where outcomes are determined by a range of technical parameters, luminaire characteristics, physical componentry, and 'energy' input.

The increasing cost of power means a professional Lighting Design should be considered not as a cost to be incurred, but as future proofing your energy costs and maintenance whilst ensuring optimal display of your premises and products - to effect business.

There are proven benefits to Retail functionality and psychology resulting from well considered lighting. Ultimately good retail & Hospitality Lighting Design will both minimise your ongoing costs of energy and maintenance, and maximise the appeal and productivity of your capital venture.

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