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Lighting Solutions

6 Farmhouse Lane

St Johns Auckland

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St Johns
Auckland 1072

64 9 551 7418

New Zealand Lighting supplier of Quality Lighting installations - Architectural Exterior and Urban Area Lighting - Commercial Interior Lighting - Residential Interior and Exterior Lighting - Retail Lighting - Lighting Systems - Landscape Lighting - Industrial and Medical Lighting - and Feature Lighting.


NZ Project focused Lighting Supplier of quality Lighting solutions - Residential Interior Lighting - Residential Exterior Lighting - Architectural Exterior Lighting - Commercial Interior Lighting - Retail Lighting - Lighting Systems - Urban Lighting - Landscape Lighting - Industrial Lighting - Medical Lighting - Solutions.

Architectural Exterior & Urban Area Lighting

Lighting Systems

Medical & Cleanroom lighting

Commercial Interior Lighting

Retail & Hospitality Lighting

Industrial & Adverse Environment Lighting

     Residential Lighting                     

Feature & Decor Lighting

Landscape & garden Lighting

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