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New Zealand Lighting supplier of Quality Lighting installations - Architectural Exterior and Urban Area Lighting - Commercial Interior Lighting - Residential Interior and Exterior Lighting - Retail Lighting - Lighting Systems - Landscape Lighting - Industrial and Medical Lighting - and Feature Lighting.


Lighting Supplier - New Zealand agent and direct importer of proven and innovative International Lighting Brands including - Cariboni, Climar, De Majo, Forma, Fivep, G-Comin, Karboxx, Leucos, Luce & Light, Next

Cariboni Group

Cariboni group, born in 1908 and leader in the public illumination and functional urban design field, is composed by Cariboni Lite e Fivep (and, in addition to them, their foreign branches: Cariboni France, Cariboni Iberica, Cariboni Illuiminacao and, since 2003, T.I.L.C in Tunisie). All the group’s companies are specialised in the production and commercialisation of illumination fixtures.

Cariboni Lite, Cariboni Illuminazione until 2003, is born at the beginning of the Seventies, after the incorporation and the transformation of F.I.R. FABBRICA ITALIANA RIFLETTORI GARIBOLDI. A flexible and efficient work group with an own engineering structure, for a company that normally co-operates with the most famous marks of the lighting industry. FIVEP takes its origin in the fusion of three great leading companies: FIDENZA VETRARIA, POLLICE ILLUMINAZIONE, SOLDI & SCATI. The merger of these three great conceptions, together with the will to continue the work launched years ago, guarantees today a leading position in the public lighting market.

The decal presence of Cariboni Group on illumination market enabled the society to develop competence and know-how, which brought the firm to a leader position, as far as the production of ad hoc illuminating solutions is concerned. The wide range of products specially designed for residential, architectural or functional lighting, offers a large choice to any professional designer who uses artificial light to give life and a special shape to any space, all this by complying with actual norms.


The Climar success story began in 1977. With currently around 130 employees and 15.000 square meters, the head office and manufacturing facilities are situated in Águeda. Portugal. We develop, in the way we work, a vision and objectives for the future far beyond ordinary conceptions, finding new ways to meet our customers' needs and improve their level of satisfaction through a systematic process of evolution with arguments such as flexibility, efficiency and fast service.

De Majo

DE MAJO IIluminazione was first established at the end of the second world war by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the Lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glassworks on the island of Murano. Right from the first moment, although small in size, thanks to a discerning company strategy committed to product quality, this company played an important role in Murano glassmaking, becoming, in just a few years, a solid and consolidated industry.

By focusing on quality our brand has always seized the new and exciting opportunities created in the glassmaking industry. In the 70’s design became an important element in production and DE MAJO was one of the first companies to invest in this concept and introduced alongside the traditional high-quality crafted products, a standardised range expanding its own market considerably.

Forma Lighting

Forma Lighting was first established in the UK in 1967. Since then Forma has dedicated itself to the lighting industry and has worked with some of the worlds most important Architects, Designers, Developers and Lighting Manufacturers.

In 1980, Forma opened it’s Asian head office in Hong Kong and became one of the first international level lighting companies in the region working on some of the most important projects in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific.

In the 1990’s Forma embarked on it’s mission of Lighting Manufacturing and started the process of designing and engineering lighting products for OEM market and subsequently its own line.

Today Forma is an international lighting manufacturer with it’s own factory in Nanhai China – designing and manufacturing internationally, lighting products at affordable and highly competitive prices, and product of the highest quality.

Forma dedicates itself to flexibility on behalf of it's clients and project requirements.


Since 2011 Shenzhen Coming Technology Co., Ltd have specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative LED lighting products, including:
Highbay light | Flood light | Street light | Down light
Innovative products from G-Coming has associated with major international projects.


Founded in 2005, Karboxx has quickly made a name for itself in the field of design lighting products. Technology and elegance are the standout features of Karboxx design. Modern materials, advanced technology, lightness and resistance in conjunction with a minimal design, impress to the Karboxx brand an immediate identity.

With an eye towards evolving lifestyles, Karboxx has taken on the current yet unknown subject of well-being through chromotherapy lighting, and has included the most advanced solutions in its range of products.

Karboxx is a totally new concept design technology applied to interior lighting, providing the illumination market with compound materials such as carbon and glass fiber, aiming to bring together the qualities of lightness, mechanical resistance and beauty of these materials in projects that enhance these properties.


DARE. THE STORY LEUCOS TELLS TO CONTEMPORARY TIMES IS A LONG, VITAL AND INTERESTING ONE. A story which began in the sixties calling into question the historical relation between shape and material: it was a revolution. The protagonist was glass, taken away for the first time from the traditional logics of glass art and reinterpreted in an absolutely new way. Taking into consideration the tradition, of course, but also looking at innovative materials and technologies, and reconsidering serial production as an added value to design: the repetition became a mult iplication of beauty, and the accessibility an opportunity to offer resources to the creative process.

Consistently with this spirit of innovation, the creative process acquires an increasingly important role, becoming the brand stylistic symbol. It is the combination of light and design to define the brand’s identity in the unlimited shapes allowed by the diversity of materials and the evolution of production techniques. An entire universe of expression possibilities, from the glass preciousness to the materials of new conception, opens up for LEUCOS brand.

Luce & Light

L&L Luce&Light is an Italian technical company specialized in LED lighting system design and production, for the private and industrial sectors.

L&L was founded in 2006; today counts 50 employees, 20 agencies and a distribution network spread in 40 countries.

L&L is very attentive to the quality and trustworthiness of its products and to researching the primary materials it uses, so as to safeguard an essential value for the company: Made in Italy.

The finished products are the result of consolidated know-how, supported by detailed technical designing, which along with mechanical and electronic production, are made in the main headquarters in Vicenza.

The onsite production choice allows to strictly control the products and therefore to satisfy requests for made-to-measure lighting solutions.


Romantic enlightenment, expression of identity for Macrolux, not a lighting of rules, but a lighting to be lived, at the service of the individual.

We are all aware in front of a lighting realization if it is right or not, positive or negative, we perceive the flavor of it.

What we are not always aware is the reason of that result, the reason why we have that perception.

What we want to support in this message is that the reason is mostly artistic.

In the art of lighting there is the appreciation of beauty, the experience in the field, the flavor of the result, the unconsciousness in the rules, and especially the love for imperfection.

A. and F. Bettiol


Sophisticated but not elitist ...... this is how Thomas Schulte, the owner and managing director, sees next home collection. Maybe it was this premise that, instead of pinning ones hope on important names to help a new company along, made working with young and yet unknown designers easier. The decision was courageous but proved to be a smart one. Already at next's first light+building in 2000 did three of their products win the Form 2000-award of the German Crafts Association (Bundesverband des Kunsthandwerks). Soon after, Liquid_Light received the award Design for Europe 2000 at Interieur trade fair in Belgium. It seemed as if Schulte's wish "to be available for everybody" was coming true. In the following years he expanded the collection in an increasingly close cooperation with the design studio Büro für Form.

Thus he managed to draw a connection from products that work with a tongue in cheek (like Dicke Trude and FlipFlap, for example) to luminaires that convince with their functionality (Molecular_Light). "With the direction of the collection I am aiming at two markets that complement each other very well in anumber of contexts: projects and private homes," Thomas Schulte explains.
The manifold application of next luminaries prove him right. Whether it's the opera Faust at Staatstheater Wiesbaden or Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Cornwall - the next home collection just shines.


PUK ITALIA GROUP s.r.l. established in 1967 in Lissone, Milan area (Italy).

The experience in over 40 years in lighting industry, together with our great passion for this world, have allowed us to develop a range of solutions to satisfy all various type of uses and the most difficult applications.
With the new millennium, the lighting market has been subjected to a deep revolution thanks to LED technology advent, still in continuous evolution. Naturally our company is in the forefront to guarantee to our clients lighting fixtures with LED always of last generation, with less and less energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

Today PUK ITALIA GROUP s.r.l. , through its brand PUK, is widely known as one of the most reliable outdoor lighting manufacturers of the international market.