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Nature and geometry as sources of inspiration.

Elio Martinelli succeeded in distinguishing himself for his design approach that united the respect for rigorous and essential geometric forms with the respect for nature, from which he drew inspiration for surprisingly original lines and forms.

Architectural | Decorative


High end designer architectural lighting entirely manufactured in Italy with an accurate control on the manufacturing processes.

All Macrolux products are entirely manufactured in Treviso, Italy with the manufacturing process undertaking strict quality control and testing.

Interior | Linear | Track System | Architectural


Cariboni group is an efficient organizational structure, where each element of the worth chain integrates and evolves, by pursuing the common company’s aim: seek after excellence and innovation in its three main principles Light, Design & Technology.

Exterior | Commercial | Sports | Area Lighting

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We design our products inspired by a desire to focus on three elements in particular: the well-being of being able to live furniture to the full, people and their needs, and lastly, technical and conceptual innovation, without which all this would not be possible.

Commercial | Architectural

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Aware of the unique heritage that is the tradition of glass in Murano; a tradition that the world envies us and of which we feel responsible and proud at the same time. This sector still remains the excellence of our production.


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Our luminaires seamlessly harmonize with a wide array of indoor and outdoor environments, mimicking the subtleties of natural architectural illumination. The combined expertise of our three partners has coalesced into a corporate philosophy grounded in cutting-edge technical design, continuous and meticulous quality assessments, and a self-contained mechanical and electronic production process. Every one of our products is conceived within our Vicenza headquarters, further reinforcing our commitment to exceptional quality and unparalleled dependability.

Exterior | Interior | Architectural 

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1962. Leucos was established in Venice, where craftsmanship has always been a synonym for art. We chose glass because it represents our local tradition, but behind our work there has always been a global idea. Design goes beyond borders and designers see Leucos as an innovation lab. Our core business includes research, experimentation and interpretation, and it evolves continuously. Design, materials, techniques, technologies and exceptional human resources are the main contributing factors to Leucos’ success



It is our philosophy to learn from our present as much as from our yesterday, and with Climar LAB we aim to continue to break new ground in lighting design. For 43 years we have crafted our passions and ideas into reality, creating environments and solutions with a unique voice of their own.

Exterior | Interior | Architectural 

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The experience in over 40 years in lighting industry, together with our great passion for this world, have allowed us to develop a range of solutions to satisfy all various type of uses and the most difficult applications.

Exterior | Architectural 


Within NEXT, lighting embodies a creative mindset, and we possess the courage to embrace our individuality. NEXT luminaires craft evocative and narrative spatial arrangements through their distinctive design language, rendering the traditional division between personal and communal spaces obsolete. Our lighting solutions seamlessly merge functional excellence, driven by cutting-edge technology, with the viewer's artistic liberty. They traverse a spectrum of emotions, occasionally light-hearted, at times poetic, yet consistently fostering a realm of imaginative connections.

Decorative | Architectural 

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Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile. This is thanks to the use of a new generation of materials and special manual assembly of parts that, once put together, give life to a luxurious, figurative panorama.

Exterior | Interior | Decorative 

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Our journey at Ango begins with embracing our passions, where we cultivate our distinctive designs and assemble dedicated teams to meticulously handcraft and bring each production to life. By weaving together imaginative aspirations with authenticity and refinement, we craft illuminating creations and luminous visions that are not only distinctive but also inspiring.

Decorative | Architectural 

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Folio integrates diffused and focused lighting, achieving a seamless luminous uniformity within its slim profile. It embodies borderless elegance, available in various customizable shapes and illuminated materials. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing premium components, Folio harmoniously merges various elements. It flawlessly combines form and function within a unique body that suits diverse installation needs.

Exterior | Interior | Decorative 

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