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Blubb Pendant Lamp

Blubb Pendant Lamp

Blubb was selected "light of the year 2017." The mouth-blown glass forming the Blubb suspension was designed resembling a rain drop ready to burst. The name Blubb is even onomotopeia refering to the explosion of a bubble. This extraordinary light design provides both aesthetics and a lighting effect. The external glass light shade as well as the internal light shade are available in a range of colours. The coloured textile cable which covers the electrical cable and the suspension system can be selected. The light emitted by the bulb passes through the glass and is softly spread outside creates a gentle and playful atmosphere. Depending on the selected glass, the bulb can be visible or not visible. The Blubb suspension looks striking when used as one fitting, yet is especially appealing when several are put together in a cluster of formation.

Also available in this family is Blubb 2, also a pendant which looks like a raindrop, the Blubb Mini and Blubb as a table lamp, all beautiful members of the Blubb family that offer your home or workspace a fitting that is designed to invigorate and inspire.

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