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Ekleipsis Ceiling Lamp

Ekleipsis Ceiling Lamp

Indirect light luminaire for ceiling installation by Cariboni. A complete indoor and outdoor lighting system available in three different sizes, equipped exclusively with high efficiency, long-lasting LED light sources. The product design and the advanced technology of its reflected light optical systems grant an optimum level of visual comfort. The absence of visible screws as well as the lack of a closure screen guarantee higher safety and mechanical resistance standards. Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, ensuring the protection level IP 66. The attention to details and the purity of its geometry make the product ideal for indoor installation in particular in wet environments of the wellness industry. Available also as wall lamp, outdoor bollard/pole, or recessed.



  • Ceiling-mounted LED product in three different sizes:

    Small, Medium and Large.

    Dimensions: Ø240mm x H36mm | Ø344mm x H45mm | Ø481mm x H61mm

    On demand, the medium and large versions are available with DALI control units.

    Body and LED support bracket made of die-cast aluminium alloy.

    Colours: white RAL 9003, grey RAL 9006 and dark grey sablé 100 noir.

    LED sources with nominal flux 1000-1800-3600 lm, with cool and warm white colour temperature.

    CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80.

    The luminaires are equipped with a 24V DC LED circuit. Integrated power supply driver.

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