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Five Stone Floor Lamp

Five Stone Floor Lamp

A beautiful floor lamp made in Thailand by the team at Ango. Made with individual silk cocoons which give the lamp an incredible texture for the warm light to shine through supported by a hand finished stainless steel base. 

The soft glow from Ango lamps are extremely warming, perfect in a room that needs a touch of soft, natural lighting. The low impact and low energy intensive process of how Thai brand Ango creates its designs is representative of their view of how enlightened, environmentally responsible 21st century design and production can be.

  •           Materials

                 Base: Hand finished stainless steel

                 Diffuser: Hand cast polymer with rattan


                 (ø) 500mm x (H) 2400mm 

              Lamp Base Type:  

              E26/27 Screw fitting

              Lamp Type: 

                 LED Filament 8W x 5



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