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Folio Collections

Folio Collections

This Italian company produces the 'Folio Panels', a LED lighting panel with super high-quality standards, homogeneous distribution, and low energy consumption with an incredibly delicate slim shape, completely different from the current market offers. Folio produces a line of standard fittings, in different sizes and shapes and a line of custom-made shapes create to your design vision.

The Folio LED Lighting Panel was founded in 1990 to develop proposals for the advertising and visual communication world.

Lighting Solutions work with professionals in the A&D market to catapult their projects to the next level, with premium customisable lighting systems, supporting innovative application ideas and visual solutions to enhance communication and space.

  • -Dot. 

    -Eclipse Ceiling, Suspended.


    -Frame Ceiling, Suspended.

    -Giro Ceiling, Suspended, Pivot, Wall.

    -Groove Ceiling, Suspended.

    -Hexa Ceiling, Suspended.

    -Line Ceiling, Suspended, Wall.







    -Roof Ceiling, Suspended.

    -Round Ceiling, Suspended.



    -Zero 40 Ceiling, Suspended.

    -Zero 80 Ceiling, Suspended.

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