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Sigma Floodlight

Sigma Floodlight

The products in the Sigma line include floodlights and wall-washers which optimise visual comfort while maintaining high performance in terms of photometric distribution and illumination efficiency. The form of the Sigma line has been created to allow the optical unit to be set back from the screen, resulting in a reduction of the visibility of the light emitting surfaces. The surface finish of the collector eliminates all undesired light reflection, guaranteeing visual comfort and optical control. Sigma can be oriented with precision thanks to its fixing base which can be rotated ±30° and tilted +90° -35°. Continuously - adjustable pointing and locking system.  Sigma Pole, a modular system composed of Sigma (Small and Medium) and adjustable joint fixed directly to the single or double ring, for poles of diam. 60-76-102 mm, or fixed using arms, either single (L = 550 mm) or double (2 x 550 mm).

  • Sizes small or medium:

    290mm x 173.5mm x 320mm | 390mm x 222mm x 455mm


    7.5kg | 8.5kg 

    Colour: Sablé 100 Noir. 

    Optics: medium, wide, ultra-wide beam and wall washer. 

    Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K (2200K on request).

    CRI (Colour Rendering Index): Ra ≥ 80.

    SIGMA is a guarantee of reliability and quality that fully complies with all the values of “Made in Italy” design and production.

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